Charles Sy – Intensivkurs Deutsch – Internationales Opernstudio an der Staatsoper Stuttgart

 I have struggled with learning languages my entire life. I would study all of the grammatical rules and learn the vocabulary, but I still would not be able to have a basic conversation. It really came from fear and feeling under pressure when speaking. Indra really helped to create a safe space for learning that allowed me to finally push beyond my fear of speaking a new language. She was very patient and it was actually very helpful that she is both a native English and German speaker, because she could easily pinpoint my mistakes and why I was making them. She also provided a word document with all of my mistakes at the end of every lesson which was incredibly helpful. By studying these documents, I knew I was working on sentences and topics that I had actively tried to use and would most likely use again. 

It was very helpful for me. I have taken so many classes in university for languages but it just never worked for me. I have come to realize that I don’t learn languages well in that type of super rigid and overly-structured style. I found my own structure of self-study that worked for me and I highly appreciated that Indra was willing to adjust our lessons and allowed me to focus on what I needed and wanted to work on, as opposed to just following a textbook.