Alexandra Urquiola – Intensivkurs Deutsch – Internationales Opernstudio an der Staatsoper Stuttgart

I liked how personal the course was. Each lesson focused on my specific needs, my challenges, etc. Each subsequent lesson, in turn,  was tailored to what was deemed necessary from the previous week’s coaching. Indra would have an open word document that I could see as she edited during the lesson, to take notes on what we were doing. As a result, I could be fully immersed in the course, and still have notes on what we discussed to study afterwards. 

This course was in-depth and was tailored to my particular needs. Indra removed the stress and anxiety surrounding learning a new language, let alone an extremely difficult one. I found the speaking portion, where we would spend time just in discussion, the most useful, as this is where I experience the most trepidation within my own German learning journey. A couple of months into the course, we were speaking for the full hour, which improved my German ten-fold. Indra is a compassionate, encouraging, and wonderful teacher, who I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their German.